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Website Header Photo Credits

As I could not write photo credits on each photo that appears in the header bar of the website, I thought this might be an easy way to do it, and for you to find the source, or a similar source, and to give credit to those photographers that have supplied me with photos.

 Please note, the photos in the header bar are not the complete photo. Photos in the header bar are automatically cropped by the WordPress Theme Twenty-Eleven to fit the programmed size of 1000 X 288 pixels. Sometimes copyright data is lost.

So, to give credit for known photos I will try this idea. 


 cropped-10273130_660590157351962_7183670851498063883_o.jpgThis photo is copyrighted by David Howland of Frigid Light Photography. The original appears on this page. 



To Find An Image Using Google Image Search

If you are familiar with Google Search they have an Image Search feature, which will find a similar or same image and give the website where it can be found. To do this:

1. Start a Google Image Search

2. Right click on the image you want to source or find on my website, and save it somewhere on your computer.

3. On the Google Image Search page, click on the little Camera Icon and paste or drag and drop, or copy the URL (web address) of the image you want to source into the box that opens.

4. Click the Search button and Google will show you all options for that image,

OR right click on the image on the Lighthouse Memories header bar (or any image on the website) and select Search Google with this image. (you must have Search by image for Google installed in your Google Chrome Browser)

This saves me a lot of work, and allows you to find a larger copy of the image.

If you have any problems please contact me.

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