1. I was re-visting an old site https://ccanadaht3.com/winhttrack_website_copier/www.pinetreeline.org/locations.html

    Seems it’s now gone .. I was wondering if you knew what happened to all the pictures that were up there .. A LOT of Canadian forces history in those thousands of pictures .. I lived as a youngster in Armstrong Ont .. that was my interest ..

    Anyways .. Was just wondering if you knew of either the new hosting site .. OR at best .. what happened to all the old data from the old site .. Would be a total shame to just let it all fade away ..


    1. Hi Russell, I will write you privately, but this answer is for other readers. The Pine Tree Line went offline because the owner died and the wife could no longer take it over. I had a “copy” of the site I made, and which I resurrected from the Internet Archive. I tried the address you gave and it seems to work. I tried to get hold of the wife for permission to host the site, but no answer. Looks like it is gone forever except for what I have listed.

  2. HI John:

    Did you get tired of ‘hand cranking’ the code? Site looks nice. I’ve just come across it and will check it out later.


  3. John: I noted your url in the note you sent about my website and since it was a .ca I just had to check it our, being and expat Canadian in the Philippines. Your site is fantastic and you do excellent work especially when the Canadian Government is constantly trying to close down any remaining lights. Good luck and best wishes in your work!

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