Mise Tales Forty-Nine

Mise Tales Forty-Nine

For an update on what a Mise Tale is then please see Mise Tales One.  

Plastic lighthouseNovember 04,  2014 An interesting bit of news from Valencia, Spain – a new 31 meter (102 foot) high automated lighthouse made of plastic. The future of modern lighthouses?

Aimplas assists composite lighthouse

The lighthouse consists of carbon fibre several-centimetres-thick tubular profiles support a set of fibreglass floors slabs and their bracings, which surround a central tube that leads the stairs to the upper part into the lantern room, all made with composites.




Would you like to buy a model lighthouse made of stone? It weighs 6000 pounds (2722 kgs) and will cost you $60,000 USD, but it is a beautiful work of art. More information here.





February 02, 2015 – I am not a fan of Microsoft’s Bing search engine, but my daughter sent me this photo today and I just had to post it. It’s labelled Cape Town waves. here’s the link to the photo without the Bing info: http://www.bing.com/az/hprichbg/rb/CapeTownWaves_EN-GB9314088076_1920x1080.jpg




As mentioned earlier on the front page of my website, any photos or cartoons, or short bits of information, when it is removed from the front page, will also be included again later in the next next Misc Tales posting. That way you can keep track of it, search for it, or copy it.


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