Lighthouse Weather Reports

British Columbia lighthouses provide scheduled marine weather reports every three (3) hours from 03:30 to 21:30 Pacific Standard Time (PST)  –  04:30 to 22:30 Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Lightkeepers also provide up-to-the-minute weather information on request. Call the lightstation on Marine channels 16 or 82A, or phone the nearest Coast Guard (CG) station and request an up-to-date marine or air weather report from a lighthouse.

Online Lighthouse Weather Reports:

All Lightstations: Environment Canada > Marine Info > Forecasts > select a Coast (i.e. Pacific – North Coast) > select a Region (i.e. Hecate Strait) > from the Tabs select Weather Conditions > then near the bottom select “Lightstation Reports” (they sure do not want you to find them!) Short link.

Boat Bluff: Boat Bluff Weather Page (live weather data and webcam)

Continuous Marine Broadcast (CMB):

Lighthouse Weather Reports are provided as a segment of the Continuous Marine Broadcast on VHF channels WX1, WX2, WX3, and 21B.

Marine Weather by Telephone:

For recorded marine weather info that includes local lighthouse weather reports, look in the Blue Pages of your local phone book under Coast Guard – Marine Weather, or look in the Marine ATAD column of Environment Canada’s Phone (ATAD) and Weatheradio page.

– with thanks to Ron Ammundsen at Fogwhistle.ca for his help.


The Canadian government has a webpage of weather-related web addresses called Related Links and Resources which is very comprehensive. If you cannot find it there then it is probably not publicly available.

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