We get many requests for information from readers – requests for photos of people and places, requests for people’s’ names and lighthouses – and sometimes we cannot answer them.

So below you will find a few of the more recent requests. If you can help in any way, or point us in the right direction, please contact us.


Thomas Geoffrey Williams, 68, at Triple Island Lighthouse, 1944
Thomas Geoffrey Williams, 68, at Triple Island Lighthouse, 1944

+ Thomas Geoffrey Williams, 68, at Triple Island Lighthouse, 1944, but who is the younger guy? (see right) [private]Erik Milton – Triple Island[/private]

+ Looking for a photo of Harry A. Ormiston who was skipper of the Coast Guard Ship Newington in the 1920’s [private]JDR[/private]

+ Bechens, Victor.
lightkeeper who commenced work August 26, 1948. He had no family.  He was born Winnipeg, Canada May 21, 1914. His military service was from 1939-1945 in Ferry Command. In January 1947 his salary was $3024-3120 plus dwelling accommodation, plus radio beacon 600$ and Weather Observations $300. Where was he stationed?[private]JDR[/private]

+ A Search for a Photo of the First Lighthouse Keeper at Dryad Point Lighthouse, 1899, in British Columbia, Canada:

Craig Widsten, the owner of Shearwater Marine on Denny Island is having a 125 foot x 25 foot mural commissioned at Shearwater, BC to be painted by muralist Paul Ygartua.

The mural will include portraits of important people that help found Bella Bella around the turn of the last century.

Unfortunately, despite many community requests and following many leads, he is having difficulty tracking down a clear photo of Captain Richard Carpenter, the first lightkeeper at Dryad Point Lighthouse, who was posted there from 1899 – 1930.

If anyone has any ideas or leads of where there may be secret stashes of lighthouse archives, please contact Craig at the email below. Craig is offering a reward of $1000 for a clear photo of Capt. Carpenter if it is used in the mural. craig@shearwater.ca

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