Mise Tales One

Mise Tales One

No, it’s not a misprint, but what is a Mise?

When I was a teenager I always had stuff to repair, and my Father had drawers of spare stuff  that I needed for the repairing.

In the wall of small drawers was one labelled Mise. These were very small drawers and the hand-written label on meical adhesive tape was also small and very hard to read.

In the Mise drawer were small nails. In my naivety I assumed that Mise was a special designation of Mice, and these small nails then became Mice Nails to me.

It was not until I was out and working did I discover they were actually called finishing nails, and the drawer label actually read Misc, which naturally stood for Miscellaneous!

So I will dedicate these pages to my Father, Alec F. Coldwell. This is Mise Tales One and I will post here miscellaneous things I find that are too short to make a full story. I do hope there will be many more Mise Tales later.


Today I saw the short movie The Lighthouse Keeper for the first time on Vimeo. It is a silent movie, and very well done. Vimeo says it is the “cool work of Gaëlle Thierry, Jérémie Moreau, Rony Hotin, Baptiste Rogron, Maïlys Vallade, and David François”. 

[media url=”http://vimeo.com/7074312″ width=”400″ height=”350″]



A link on the above page led to another creative video labelled The Lighthouse.

[media url=”https://ccanadaht3.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/15660.mp4″ width=”400″ height=”350″]

To quote the haha.nu webpage, it is a “little funny animation short by Dan Blacker”.


If anyone reading this has any Mise Tales to forward, please pass them on and we can make a Mise Two.


Today, January 17, 2012, as this story was posted, I came across another Mise Tale that should interest many of my readers. It is from the BBC News website and is labelled:


world listening posts

Sounds of the sea: Listening online to the ocean floor


Satellite photos used to be for military eyes only, but Google Earth changed all that. Now something similar is happening to the ocean depths, with any web user able to listen in and “surf the sea floor” – and the US Navy is not happy.

It is a fascinating read, with many sounds recorded under the sea, such as the Japanese Tsunami, whales, man-made sounds, etc. A hidden link on the page takes you to  the Listen To the Deep.com website (listening to the deep ocean environment) where you can listen in real time to microphones on the ocean floor in different parts of the world! Fantastic!

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