In Memorium – Robert Eric Akerstrom (1936 – 2004)

Bob Akerstrom (October 02, 1936 – September 28, 2004 in Prince Rupert, BC) was known by all as “Rotten Robert”. It was an affectionate term for one of the best relief keepers we had in the Northern District of Prince Rupert.   Bob was always welcomed on every lighthstation because of his work and his […]

Ed and Pat Kidder Retire from Nootka Lightstation

Ed and Pat Kidder Retire from Nootka Lightstation When a water taxi took the latest Coast Guard retirees from Friendly Cove to Gold River on May 3rd, a lightkeeping era ended. Over their 42 year career on the lights—the last 33 at Nootka lightstation—B.C.’s senior keepers Ed and Pat Kidder have seen many technical and political changes. […]

In Memorium – Ed Harris (1925 – 1987)

Edgar (Ed) Dennis Harris Born November 12th 1925 at Fulford Harbour, Salt Spring Islands, BC. A second generation Salt Spring Island Hawaiian. Ed married Margaret (Greta) Carlton in Victoria on October 19th, 1946. he had 4 daughters: Lonie Belsey, Lynne Donaldson, Lorna Carrigan and Lorie Palmer and stepdaughter Linda Varcoe.   Ed lived in Victoria, […]