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This website is dedicated to the lighthouse keepers of British Columbia, Canada, and for the general public who want to learn what life was/is like on a lighthouse. This site also supports the fight against the automation and destruction of ALL lighthouses and the environment surrounding them.

Also available here is a large database (db) of names of British Columbia (BC) Lighthouse Keepers – past and present.

Plus, I will toss in anything lighthouse that seems interesting – such as Coast Guard, ships, helicopters, hovercraft, personnel, changes, weather, museums, paintings, websites, catalogs, art, toys, drawings, videos, books, manuals, music, poetry, etc.

I would also like to include environmental issues that affect the lands and oceans on the BC coast such as pollution, garbage, possible oil spills, shipwrecks, etc. as these are all part of the role of the lighthouse keeper who sees and knows everything on the coast.

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December 16, 2015

I am very sorry for the delay in publishing new articles. Too many problems and too many things to do! Also had problems with the website and people trying to break into the site, and a recent move to a newer house here in the Philippines in August delayed a lot of things.

Did you know that of twenty-two (22) Asian countries polled, the Philippines ranks 21 of 22 for the slowest Internet. That did not help either!

LIST: Philippines ranks 21st of 22 Asian countries in Internet download speed

I have been putting original and shared items on my Facebook page Lighthouse Memories page so if you check there occasionally you will find newer items.

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Retired (2001) British Columbia lighthouse keeper after 32 years on the lights.

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  1. I’m actually term as assistant at Carmanah right now, but I’ve been doing a lot of principal relief since I had enough time in. In 2011 I worked at Lennard Island, Trial Island, Cape Beale and Pulteney Point.

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