Northern Lights at the Lighthouse

  In my twenty-five (25) years on McInnes Island one of the most spectacular sights in the winter was the Northern Lights display (aurora borealis1) in the northern night time sky. Absolutely beautiful! This was brought to mind the other day when I saw this October 10, 2012 article online¬†Image: Aurora Dips South Across Canada […]

Disaster of the “Grier Starrett” off Green Island 1929

– Copy courtesy of “Chris Mills (Relief Keeper on many BC lights 1994 – 1997)¬†     The story of the tragedy of the “Grier Starr” with the loss of the skipper Harold Dahl. Copy of lightkeeper Moran’s report typed on April 24, 1929.

Moving Day 1970s

One of the problems with moving to another lighthouse was that everything had to be crated and or well-packed to withstand the dangers of the transportation and handling by ship and/or helicopter. It also had to survive unexpected falls and/or water damage, both fresh and salt. When my wife Karen and I first moved on […]

Book – Lighthouse Chronicles by Flo Anderson

Lighthouse Chronicles – Twenty Years on the B.C. Lights These are the first-hand stories of Flo Anderson and her husband Trevor and their four children as left left the city life in 1961 for a life on the British Columbia lighthouses. They worked as lighthouse keepers for the next twenty years at Lennard Island, Barrett […]